the quiet place project

september 21 - the quiet day

“just invited 800 people ♥ i missed this year's, but i will not miss the next <33”(anastasia schally)
“so in. the quiet place ♥”(mariell lepsoy)
“this is very quiet i's need more of this in my life”(shay-shay haterzluvmeh alexandr)
“this will be perfect!”(josh simons)
“everyone needs to do this at least once a month. seriously”(kimberly faith guy)
“we all need to experience this.”(justin talamantes)
“i luv quiet...”(bernadette reyes)

the quiet day is...

a day when we all stop yelling at each other. we write everything in lowercase.
during the quiet day you should not write anything with your caps-lock on (and no — don’t use the shift key either).

the use of lowercase writing can be a strong symbol that can show that we want some peace and quiet.

but what about capital letters? isn’t grammar important? :/

i won’t argue with that. capital letters are important, but as i’ve said before—we’re creating a symbol.
if you don’t use any capital letters at all, it will become noticeable enough for others to getthe point.

got it; no caps. what else?

well, you can reduce the amount of your punctuation.
less exclamation and question marks will create a perfectly quiet day :)

i don’t think i can do it, a whole day of this? too hard :(

oh, don’t get flabby on me, you can do it. you can at least give it a try.

what if my written language doesn't have capital letters in it?

again, simply reduce punctuation and write using calming words.
it’s easy to be quiet.

anything else?

yes — join the quiet day’s facebook event, and invite your friends to participate.
also, you can tweet it all around.
if you participate in other social networks, feel free to share it there as well.

can i get a badge to put in my blog or facebook profile picture?

sure thing mate :)
you can find them in the event's facebook album.

join the facebook event, invite your friends, share it about and have fun :)